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London Declaration on Sikhs’ Right to Self Determination

Event:    London Declaration on Sikhs’ Right to Self Determination

Date:      August 12, 2018 @ 15:00 to 18:00

Place:     Trafalgar Square, London, UK.

RSVP:     [email protected]

Subject:  Oppose India's Attempt to Obstruct Sikh Community's Event in UK || Attend and Support "London Declaration" on Sikhs' Right of Self Determination

Honourable Representative: 

My name is FULL NAME. I am a member of the Sikh community from you constituency.

I am writing to urge you to oppose India's attempt to ban Sikh Community's peaceful and democratic event in UK and to invite you to attend and support "London Declaration on Sikhs' Right to Self Determination"  taking place on August 12 at Trafalgar Square, London.

"London Declaration" event has been organized by the International human rights advocacy group "Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) with the support and cooperation of the global Sikh community. SFJ has been spearheading the campaign for realisation of Sikh peoples' right of self-determination, through the establishment of Khalistan – an independent country in the areas of Punjab currently governed by India. In furtherance of this objective, SFJ will hold a non-binding referendum in 2020, inviting Sikhs throughout the world to vote for (or against) an independent homeland. The London Declaration will kick-off this process.

According to the reports in the media Indian Government has asked UK to ban the Aug 12 London Declaration event on  asserting that the aim of the event is to “spread hatred.” Not only India's allegation is false and baseless but it is also a blatant interference in UK's internal affairs. The London Declaration Event is part of the Referendum 2020 campaign which  in letter and spirit is completely democratic, lawful and with upmost respect for peace and harmony. No violence has been threatened; none is anticipated. There is no basis to label this event or campaign as hateful and no justification to restrict it.

As a member of the Sikh community, I am very concerned and upset over India's attempt to false label a peaceful event of Sikh community as hate; its attempt to interference in UK's internal matter and its attempt to curb Sikh peoples' freedom  of expression even in UK.

As you may be aware, the right to self-determination is one of the fundamental rights of all ‘peoples’ guaranteed in the UN Charter, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. For peoples who have been persecuted and subjugated within their own state, the creation of a separate state is a legitimate means of ensuring the right to self-determination. Indeed, it may be the only way.

I will be attending the London Declaration on Aug 12 along with my family and friends. SFJ's organizing committee has told me that public representative from my constituency will be welcomed from the stage and will be given the opportunity to address the gathering if he/she wishes to do so.

For me, my family and my friends, it will be great support if you, as an elected public  representative from our constituency, could participate in the Sikh community's event on an issue is so close to our hearts.

If you need any further information regarding the event or speaking or other arrangements regarding your participation, please contact the organizers at: [email protected]

If you could not personally attend/participate, please consider sending your designated representative OR issuing a statement of support.

I urge you, as a public representative, to take notice of India's outrageous actions against the rights of your constituents and raise this matter at the highest level possible and support/attend London Declaration on Aug 12.

With best regards, I remain waiting to hear back from you. 



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