22 May 2018


Involving Youth in "84' Sikh Genocide" JUSTICE CAMPAIGN

Twenty four years ago, for almost four days (Oct 31, 1984 - Nov, 4, 1984) armed mob had a free run - killing Sikh men, destroying their properties, raping their women and assaulting their children.

Having survived the horrors of Partition in 1947, our elders thought they were fortunate and in safe land. But they were wrong. Just when the painful memories from the Partition had almost faded, "84' Sikh Genocide" brought back everything in a more grotesque manner. Life had indeed taken an ugly turn. People ran for their lives, desperate for refuge. Burning people with tyres round their neck, chopping off their hair, burning their turbans - these were common sight during the time. It might have been 24 years but the fear has not died down yet. Official figures of those who died are over 4000 and those rendered homeless is over 60,000 in Delhi alone.

It's a silence that speaks of their tragic tales. Victims of "84' Sikh Genocide" lived many nightmares since they saw their loved ones murdered before them. Our elders are the eye-witnesses for a moment and victims forever. What has followed is an aching wait for justice and a life of unending struggles.

Sikhs for Justice believes in the power of people to take collective action and use human rights to resolve community challenges and advocacy as a tool for justice and social change.

Justice is what we want now from the Indian Government. The killers responsible for "84' Sikh Genocide" are enjoying powerful positions in India. We are raising our voice for getting those perpetrators punished and get justice for the victims of "84' Sikh Genocide".

Sikhs for Justice urge the youth to get involved in the "84' Sikh Genocide" Justice Campaign.

Your genuine and effective involvement requires a serious commitment. Join us in the Justice campaign of "84' Sikh Genocide".