Write to MP Navdeep Bains
To Authorise Publication of Petition E-2130

“Asking The Govt of Canada To Remove “Sikh (Khalistani) Extremism” as Threat From “2018 Public Report on Terrorist Threats to Canada””

Subject: AUTHORIZE The Publication of Petition E-2130

MP Navdeep Bains:

My name is ______________:

I am a Canadian Sikh.

As a member of Sikh Community of Canada, I ask you to authorize the publication of Petition E-2130 asking the Government of Canada to amend the "2018 Public Report on Terrorist Threats to Canada" to remove the "Sikh (Khalistani) Extremism" as one of the threats to Canada.

The Petition E-2031 has already been transmitted to you on March 28 with signatures from required five supporters.

NOW, the petition is waiting authorization from you.

The petition E-2130 deals with an issue which is very important for me, my family and many of my fellow Canadian Sikhs.

As public representative and member of Sikh community, I expect you to promptly authorize the publication of petition E-2130.



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